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Was he a success?

He was a success. His first play was probably the play we know as Henry VI, Part I, and it was the hit of the season. This was followed by other plays which were also hits. Shakespeare, Richard Burbage (a famous actor), William Kempe (a famous clown), and several other actors formed an acting company, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, which became the best known acting company in London. After several years, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men built its own theater, The Globe Theater. After Elizabeth I died, James I became King of England and became the patron of the best acting company in London, Shakespeare’s company. The company was then known as The King’s Men. Shakespeare, and his fellows in the company, became quite wealthy performing plays by Shakespeare and other playwrights. Shakespeare was able to buy the finest house in Stratford for his wife and children to live in. Not only did he become successful as a playwright, he was a well-regarded poet. He wrote two long narrative poems and more than 150 sonnets plus some miscellaneous poetry. All of this made him a well-known figure in London literary circles.

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