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With what theaters and acting companies was Shakespeare primarily involved?

Shakespeare was a member of an acting company called the "The Lord Chamberlain's Men" during Elizabeth I's rule, and called "The King's Men" after James I became king. This company performed at the Theatre during the period 1594 to 1597, and perhaps earlier. The company probably performed at the Curtain during the period 1597 to 1599, following the loss of the Theatre ground lease, and may have performed at the Curtain in earlier days as well. In 1599 some members of the Lord Chamberlain's men constructed the Globe outdoor theater using timber and materials from the demolished Theatre, and from then on the acting company performed at the Globe. In 1609, members of the company purchased Blackfriars indoor theater, and thereafter performed there as well as at the Globe. Shakespeare was a part owner of both the Globe and Blackfriars theaters.

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