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Shakespeare for Christmas

educated suggestions for the Shakespeare aficionado on your list

Prospero 12/5/2000 | Santa Claus is coming to town—and so can Shakespeare too, when you add some of the following items to your list.

The Works

While there are many fine editions of Shakespeare's works to put under the tree, a serious Shakespeare fan's heart won't beat any quicker than upon discovery of a facsimile reproduction of the First Folio published in 1623.

The most satisfyingly ornate hardcover First Folio is Charlton Hinman's done for Norton, which can be conveniently purchased online at or

Doug Moston has created a splendid paperback facsimile, also photographic, for the actor or director in your clan who might actually want to take it to rehearsals, under Routledge's aegis ( |

Shakespeare Writer's Block T-Shirt

Shakespeare T-Shirt"The Blaming of a Nag? Much Ado About a Shrew?" This witty t-shirt from The Secondhand Stuff Company proves that even Shakespeare had writer's block....if only for a few minutes.

A very popular Shakespeare design that has been featured in several major Shakespeare festivals.

Will Clark, Shakespeare in Song

A selection of 14 sonnets and songs from Shakespeare's plays set to contemporary music of Clark's own devise—which Prospero can best describe as a pleasingingly eclectic folk - country - new age melange. |

John Southworth, Shakespeare the Player

Bill's life in the theater, as told by a contemporary Shakespeare actor. Great stuff! |

Harold Bloom, Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human

What can I say? Bloom wrote himself a bestseller. A hefty, comprehensive tome: thank God Bloom has wit, wisdom, and weirdness enough to liven it up. It's fitting that the critic who made all later writers anxious about the bard's influence finally got around to tackling the subject himself. But who can forgive turning Shakespeare into Two Face in the book's promotional campaign, with the less favored half Bloom's own. Holy Harold! Leave such stunts to Batman comics, please. |


The Writing Company has the greatest selection of Shakespeare-related posters Prospero's ever seen. Anyone—children included—would love to hang them on their wall. For a complete selection, visit The Writing Company Shop in's market.

Shakespeare's Theatre

Shakespeare's Theatre

The Elizabethan Court

Elizabeth's Court

Shakespeare's World

Shakespeare's World


Popup Book

A perfect introduction to Shakespeare - and fun for everyone on the coffeetable.

All the World's a Stage: A Pop-Up Biography of William Shakespeare
by Michael Bender

Poetry Magnets

Rewrite Shakespeare on the fridge to while away a long winter's night. Courtesy of

William's Wit Kit

William's Wit Kit

"Be mad and merry or go hang yourselves." Few can parallel the wit of William Shakespeare, and even fewer can sound poetic. William's Wit Kit consists of 400 magnetic words all inspired by the Bard's use of language. Let your imagination and your sense of humor go wild while trying to outwit friends and family. Be witty, sharp, and teasing! Designed to stick to any steel surface. Made in USA.


Shakespeare in Love

Everyone's favorite Shakespeare movie. Well, okay, maybe some scholars took exception; but Prospero and everybody else in the world loved it. What's not to like? Gwyneth looks radiant, Joseph Fiennes is even more beautiful than she, the course of true love runs about as smooth as you could desire—what would life be without a few complications?—and there's even a darling toothbrushing scene with what seems to be an actual historical implement. Of course, there's absolutely no historical basis for nearly everything that goes on—but by the end, we really and truly wish there were.

From (for US and similar players):
Shakespeare in Love: Collector's Series (DVD)
Shakespeare in Love (VHS)
Shakespeare In Love: Music By Stephen Warbeck (CD)

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Shakespeare In Love (Region 2 DVD)
Shakespeare In Love (PAL VHS)

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