Shakespeare Queries & Replies From Web Surfers

Due to recurrent vandalism and demand exceeding Prospero's capacity to satisfy, Shakespeare Queries & Replies From Web Surfers was taken offline for good on May 31, 1997. Selected past postings may be perused.


Shakespeare Queries From Lazy or Unwilling Students


You know who you are; admit it. Come here only for "HELP!!!" It is in some people's karma to answer.
Taken offline 1/22/2000 to free up some space.

Shakespeare Queries From Genuinely Interested Students

Only students who are prepared to think for themselves - please! Homework related.
4/2-4/27      3/15-4/2

Shakespeare Queries & Replies From Everyone Else

Queries having nothing directly to do with homework assignments.
4/2-4/15      3/15-4/2

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